Aloha Medicinals Attending Medicinal Mushroom Conference in Ghana Africa

Aloha Medicinals, is sending four members of its research team who specialize in Cordyceps sinensis production to Accra, Ghana for the 2nd African Conference on Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms taking place March 24-28.

The conference will be attended by mycologists, microbiologists, doctors, government ministries, and other professionals. The agenda includes discussions of the medicinal properties and pharmacology of active compounds, mushroom supplements, and fungal physiology, biochemistry, and genetics.

Guest Keynote Speaker

Dr. Holliday, Chief Scientific Officer of Aloha Medicinals, will be chairing technical sections and presenting the plenary lecture. Dr. Holliday will also be making a presentation on ‘Mushrooms and Health Management’. Cody Bailey will be lecturing on ‘Low Technology Methods of Mushroom Production’, Clint Moreira will present a lecture on ‘Isolation of Anamorphs in Cordyceps sinensis’, and Britt Gianotti will discuss the ‘Reanimation of Archaic Forms of Cordyceps‘. The Aloha Medicinals research team has been studying and growing cultures found in 8 million year old coal to find strains of archaic Cordyceps that would be unrecognizable to modern bacteria and virus. The objective is to present the modern disease causing organisms with an antagonist in the form of ancient Cordyceps, to which they have no resistance.


For Immediate Release

Contact: Liza Alvarez, Aloha Medicinals,, 775-886-6300, 2300 Arrowhead Dr. Carson City, NV 89706

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