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Bulk Medicinal Mushroom Powders Applications & Uses

  • Supplements
  • Functional Foods
  • Beverage (tea and coffee)
  • Cosmetics

The mushroom is an incredibly versatile naturally occurring substance. We cook with them because we like the taste. We also consume them because they can help support a healthy lifestyle.

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Aloha Medicinals uses a proprietary solid-state fermentation process to produce more than 100 different species of mushrooms in our premier manufacturing facility. Located in Carson City, Nevada, we ship raw materials to countries around the world. Our organic cordyceps are available for use in custom formulations. We can provide extraction, blending, and full private label services. We also offer consultation services for product formulations and mushroom technology projects. Aloha Medicinals is interested in meeting our customers’ specifications, so simply contact us with your request and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Our bulk ingredient customers trust in the Aloha Medicinals Advantage. Our industry leading organic cordyceps lab environment and strict quality standards ensure that the bulk mushrooms you receive are the best that can be found anywhere.

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Thank you for your interest in purchasing a medicinal mushroom supplement and bulk mushroom products. If you have any questions about our organic cordyceps or are interested in bulk ingredients or private label formulas, please call our professional desk at (775) 886-6300 or (877) 835-6091 or fill out the form below.

    Privacy is very important to us and we never share or sell any of our information with anyone. You can be secure knowing we value and always safeguard your data and online presence.


    Aloha Medicinals offers mushroom cultivation consulting services around the world. If you have any specific problems with your organic cordyceps operation, please call (775) 886-6300 and we can discuss whether a consultation either by phone or at your facility would be appropriate.

    Prices for the consultation service depend on the location and scope of the project. Aloha Medicinals has provided consultation to several hundred farms in more than 20 countries, so we can almost certainly help you work through your problems as well. Our technical staff is available to answer your questions on culture media, culture maintenance, fruiting strategies or other questions that may arise as you work with cultures.

    Consulting fees:

    $250/hour by phone
    $1500/day plus travel and expenses at your facility
    FREE for ½ hour when you purchase products over $1000
    Call (775) 886-6300, email [email protected], or use our contact page to place an order for cultivation supplies.

    If you are looking for a strain that is not listed, please contact our special orders department at
    [email protected]. Lead time varies by species and harvest calendar for some strains.