Performax Forte™

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Don’t miss out on a special Performax bundle, available for a limited time!

Maintain and support healthy energy levels throughout the day with Performax Forte™. Increase energy, stamina and strength with this safe and natural mushroom supplement!

Amount per Capsule – 750 mg. 30 servings per container / 90 capsules

*Product best-by 3/31/2023

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Don’t miss out on a special Performax bundle, available for a limited time!

Performax Forte™ is a cutting-edge herbal and mushroom formulation that provides a healthy way to help promote and support your energy levels throughout the day. Whether you are chasing the gold medal or chasing your two-year-old, Performax Forte™ is the all-natural way to increase energy and performance.

Consisting of the finest blend of Rhodiola rosea and Pure Cordyceps™, with chelated Magnesium and Chromium for increased potency, this product is the best supplement for increased performance available today.

Dosage: 1-3 capsules per day

Benefits of Performax Forte™

  • Supports healthy energy levels
  • Maintain stamina, energy and strength

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2 reviews for Performax Forte™

  1. kgoldman (verified owner)

    I cycle 150+ miles per week I believe performax forte helps keep my energy levels high, improves my aerobic performance, strengthens my immune system and aids in recovery. Other cycling supplements are much more expensive and yeild less results. This should be a go to for any athlete.

  2. Carol G (verified owner)

    I ordered the immune support with a complimentary bottle of Performax which I didn’t try at first. Finally, when I did, I noticed a difference. I have some days that my energy is very low and my neck and shoulders just ache. I definitely felt better after taking this.

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