Immune Booster Supplement

immune assist 24/7

The Blessed Herbal Clinic Limited has introduced an immune booster, Immune Assist 24/7™ for persons living with HIV/AIDS, infertility, stroke, diabetes, low sperm count and general pains.

Mr Robert Bamson, General Manager of the clinic, in an interview with Ghana News Agency on Wednesday, said about 100 patients who were put on the drug during trials at the clinic responded positively. Mr Bamson said while no supplement or medication could take the place of a healthy lifestyle and good diet, modern science had provided knowledge to fight the breaking down of the natural immune defences in humans.

Immune Assist 24/7™

He said the daily supplement in Immune Assist 24/7™ was a compound called Polysaccharide Immune Enhancer, which acted as the immune, triggered the body to be strong and vital. Mr Bamson said the clinic had branches at La and Dansoman in Accra as well as Sunyani and Kumasi to bring its services to the doorsteps of the people to cater for their health needs.

He said apart from the diseases mentioned, the clinic also offered spiritual and religious support to patients. The General Manager expressed the hope that people with the diseases would take advantage of services offered at the clinic to find solution to their health needs.

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