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Aloha Medicinals, a Carson City Nevada biopharmaceutical company specializing in natural immune modulators, announced the launch of its first international consumer marketing program. John Holliday, Ph.D. stated “There are no products anywhere in the world that support optimized immune function the way Immune Assist 24/7™ does. That’s why it is used by healthcare professionals in immune hotspots like Africa, and that’s why we are advertising it in leading consumer publications world-wide.

immune assist 24/7Immune Assist 24/7™

Immune Assist 24/7™ was developed by Dr. Holliday after years of research into ways to trigger natural immune response to invading bacteria and viruses. The ingredients developed by Dr. Holliday are so unique they have been awarded United States patent protection.

The advertising campaign will be directed to consumers initially through print advertising, and a full TV campaign is planned starting the second half of 2009.

Executive Vice President Roger Scott said “If a company has a product that can keep people well, does not require a prescription because there are no side effects, and is affordable, that company has an obligation to advertise and let people know about it. The best part is that the product is 100% Certified Organic and made right here in the United States. As far as we are aware, this is the very first, time release, 100% Certified Organic tablet made anywhere.”

For more information regarding Aloha Medicinals, please contact Roger Scott at 775 886 6300.

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