International Conference on Medicinal Mushrooms

John Holliday, Chief Scientific Officer of Aloha Medicinals in Carson City, Nevada, has been elected to join a group of distinguished scientists as a member of the International Scientific Committee for the 8th International Conference on Medicinal Mushrooms, which will take place in Manizales, Colombia, on September 24-27 of 2015.

immc8, International Conference on Medicinal MushroomsThis will be the eighth conference in this very specialized field – the medicinal uses of mushrooms and mushroom-derived compounds. The first ever conference specific to this field was held in 2001 in Kiev, Ukraine. Besides Ukraine, the previous International Medicinal Mushroom Conferences have been held in Thailand, USA, China, Slovenia, and Croatia. This conference is the largest in the mycology field, and is attended by several hundred scientists from all areas of the globe, where they present their work on the medicinal aspects of the kingdom of fungi.

International Conference on Medicinal Mushrooms:

Medicinal Mushrooms

aloha medicinalsMolds, mushrooms and yeasts have been used by mankind for centuries as medicine (think penicillin and fermentation products for example), but it has been only in the last 20 or 30 years that science has developed the methods necessary for cultivating mushrooms in large scale in laboratory conditions. This large scale cultivation allows medicine access to the unique and complex compounds found in mushrooms, compounds which are far too complex for us to ever be able to synthesize.

Aloha Medicinals, the company that Dr. Holliday founded, has been a pioneer in the field of large scale cultivation of medicinal mushrooms, and is the world’s leader in the cultivation of Cordyceps sinensis, an extremely rare and valuable species normally found only at high elevation in the Himalayas. Aloha Medicinals currently produces over half the Cordyceps consumed in the world today.

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