It’s no secret that medicinal mushrooms have become a key component of the health and wellness industry. As a natural dietary supplement with a wide variety of health benefits, mushrooms are an effective and proven method to boost your immune system, enhance physical performance, and even improve brain function. For thousands of years, mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes by Asian cultures. As their use in Western cultures began to increase, scientific studies were done, and are still being done, to determine whether properties inherent in medicinal mushrooms are beneficial to the human body and to what extent. 

With the increase of research being done on the medicinal properties of mushrooms, we’ve learned some interesting facts about mushrooms that we think you’d like to know too. Take a look below to learn 10 fun facts about mushrooms that you may have never known before. 

Cordyceps Militaris, fun facts about mushroomsCordyceps

#1 Cordyceps have been used by Chinese athletes in the Olympics – In the 1993 Olympic games, Chinese athletes were given cordyceps to improve their stamina and athletic performance. This year, the women’s Chinese running team broke 3 world records thanks to the energizing effects of the cordyceps mushroom. 

#2 Organic Cordyceps grow on insects, making them difficult to collect naturally –  Because extracting the cordyceps that grow naturally in the wild is harmful to the host, collecting cordyceps is no longer a sustainable business practice. Today, cordyceps are created in a controlled environment where the mushroom’s potency is actually 5-8 times greater than those found in nature.


#3 Chaga mushrooms are known for their strong antioxidant properties which are more intense than some of the leading superfoods – The Acai berry used to reign number one on the list of immune-boosting antioxidants until Chaga became more prevalent. Chaga’s antioxidant levels are 3 times higher than those of the Acai berry thanks to the polysaccharides found in this mushroom. Chaga is known to reduce the risk of serious diseases such as heart attack and stroke and is often used to detoxify the immune system.

#4 Chaga can easily be added to your daily diet – Chaga is an easy substance to add to your coffee or tea for a daily dose of antioxidants. You can purchase Chaga mushroom supplements that you take daily in the morning or try pure Chaga powder that can be added to your favorite drink. 

reishi, fun facts about mushroomsRed Reishi

#5 Reishi mushrooms were once so rare that they were reserved for royal use only – Because of their known health benefits, Reishi was highly sought after in earlier centuries making them rarely available. When Reishi was cultivated, it was reserved for royalty and was very expensive. Today, Reishi is readily available and easy to get a hold of.  

#6 Reishi mushrooms are used to provide immune support as well as improve mood disorders – Reishi has proven to have positive effects on the mind along with the body. Several studies have shown that with prolonged use of the Reishi mushroom, many patients noticed a significant reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms

Lion’s ManeLion's Mane Mushroom, fun facts about mushrooms

#7 Lion’s Mane mushroom gets its name from its striking resemblance to a lion’s mane – The Lion’s Mane mushroom is a white globe-shaped fungus with icicle-like spines that hang down over its center, just like a lion’s mane does over the lion’s head. 

#8 Lion’s Mane is one of the meatiest mushrooms and is often used as a meat substitute in many vegetarian/vegan diets – This mushroom is often used in the kitchen as a seafood, lamb, or pork substitute. The mushroom can be sauteed and mixed in with other dishes or may be enjoyed on its own. They are tender and chewy and resemble the taste of scallops. 

turkey tailTurkey Tail  

#9 Turkey Tail is the most commonly found medicinal mushroom in nature – Not only are Turkey Tail mushrooms the most commonly found in nature, but they’re also capable of growing just about anywhere in the world. Regardless of their availability, these mushrooms are still the most expensive to purchase.

#10 Turkey Tail is commonly used in conjunction with cancer treatments to provide enhanced effects – Though the Turkey Tail mushroom is not a proven treatment to fix or cure cancer patients, the mushroom is commonly used during treatment to enhance the effects of the treatment method being used.

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