Aloha Medicinals is dedicated to providing high-quality and sustainable medicinal mushroom products. From our supplements to powders, we are constantly striving to improve the impact on our environment and the community around us while providing the finest products available.

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Aloha Medicinals’ EcoVadis Rating

EcoVadis was formed in 2007 and has provided assessments on over 90,000 companies since then. We applaud them for their dedication to envisioning a global marketplace that values sustainability with every business decision, from improving people’s lives and the planet we depend on, to improving the economy substantially. 

Over the past several months, we have enjoyed working closely with EcoVadis to confirm that our sustainability efforts are effective. We’ve also received an evidence-based assessment of our green practices which allows us to continue improving our methods and continue working to make our practices more sustainable. 

When EcoVadis makes an assessment, they provide a scorecard of results to the company. On a rating scale between 0 and 100, the highest a business can achieve is 100. The score provides specific insight and suggestions on the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, a corrective action plan is developed to improve upon the rating. 

Sustainability at Aloha 

EcoVadis ratings are important to the team here at Aloha Medicinals because it allows us to look at our company’s performance through a holistic lens. With rating categories ranging from sustainable procurement and environmental impact to labor, human rights and ethics, it allows us to get a truly comprehensive look at our business.

Aloha Medicinals received a Silver EcoVadis rating with our highest category rating in Labor and Human Rights. We constantly strive to ensure that our workers partake in a reasonable work life balance, and have plenty of opportunities for upward mobility in their careers. As an Equal Opportunity employer, Aloha Medicinals has a diverse staff of knowledgeable people to support our goal of providing the most potent and pure medicinal mushroom products. 

The Aloha Medicinals staff includes mycologists, microbiologists, and health professionals from a wide range of fields. We are proud to be the sole manufacturers of every raw material for the products we offer, and all of our organic cordyceps and medicinal mushroom supplement ingredients supplied to the industry and our consumers are fully USDA and EU Certified Organic.

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High-quality standards are implemented in all of our products and we work with some of the top FDA testing laboratories in the country to ensure our products comply with the most rigorous standards.

Our Ecovadis results show our commitment to sustainability in the long run, something incredibly important to us on both a personal and professional level. Obtaining such a high rating puts Aloha Medicinals in the mix of companies with exceptional sustainability practices and policies showing our commitment to quality and the community and providing us clear insights to opportunities on how we can continue to improve. We’re proud to stand behind our 1,000 unique medicinal mushroom species in our culture bank, and at any given time we have over 100 different species in cultivation.

Aloha Medicinals’ Commitment to Sustainability

Aloha Medicinals products are grown in an ecologically secure area and our growth substrates avoid sawdust, straw, or compost. This is coupled with other strong growing parameters like climate-controlled temperature, light cycles, air quality, and composition to maximize the possibility of getting the most targeted medicinal compounds out of our products.

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Our continued support of the environment, as well as our participation in sustainable business practices, are ongoing. We are constantly working towards achieving higher levels of sustainability for our employees, our customers, and our community. 

If you’d like to learn more about EcoVadis, their rating system, and the amazing work they do, click here.

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