American Mushroom InstituteWho is the American Mushroom Institute?

The American Mushroom Institute (AMI) is a national voluntary trade association that represents mushroom growers, processors and marketers, and their interests across the United States and international suppliers.

AMI provides a unified representation of the mushroom industry across legislative agencies, research partners, and other stakeholders. AMI works to cater to the needs of the mushrooms industry with strategic partnerships, expert guidance, and reliable information.

Memberships are available for anyone involved in the mushroom industry including growers, associates, professionals, and retirees.

What Does AMI Do?

With a variety of different committees integrated into their daily operations, AMI’s main goal is to protect the people, organizations, and interests of the mushroom industry. It is at the core of our philosophy that when an industry speaks with one voice through an organized trade organization, the results will be far greater than what could be achieved by one single individual.

As stated in their ‘AMI BYLAWS’ they monitor and influence government legislation and regulation affecting the domestic cultivated mushroom industry, anticipate and respond to issues affecting the image of the domestic cultivated mushroom industry and enhance members’ understanding of issues and trends affecting all facets of the domestic cultivated mushroom industry, among others.

AMI’s Committees

Within the American Mushroom Institute, there are 6 different committees that oversee different aspects of the organization so they can run in the most efficient way possible. There are as follows:

Food Safety Task Force: This committee works with industry experts, scientists, researchers, state and national legislators, and regulatory agencies to develop the food safety policies of the domestic mushroom industry, identify educational and training needs and develop programs and services to meet these needs for AMI members.

Human Resource Task Force: The HR Task Force creates the best practices and toolboxes for HR professionals at mushroom farms and associated businesses.

Integrated Pest and Management Committee: Within this committee, they work with industry experts, scientists researchers, and national legislators, and regulatory agencies to develop integrated pest management policies for the domestic mushroom industry.

Mushroom Employee Safety and Health Committee: This committee promotes worker safety on mushroom farms, and members share ideas, lessons learned, and other information. A representative from the OSHA IIII office participates in the meetings and provides updates for committee members regarding OSHA laws and regulations.

Mushroom Farmers of PA Committee: Here, the PA Committee is responsible for working with the AMI staff and consultants to provide guidance on local and state issues affecting the mushroom farming community.

Mushroom News Committee: This committee provides guidance on magazine content. They ensure the magazine conforms to its mission statement, remains, relevant, user friendly, and a key outreach to members.

AMI Member Benefits

Whether you’re a grower, supplier, or an associate the American Mushroom Institute can offer you a number of benefits.

For growers, members have access to the latest industry trends, development in growing techniques, legislative updates, and more. The American Mushroom Institute believes the best growers are the most informed and educated on the latest breakthroughs. They also offer grower workshops for your employees from food training to IPM to help you and your company save time and money.

For suppliers, AMI provides opportunities for industry-related businesses to network, connect, and interact with the grower community. They offer conferences at the regional, national, and international levels for suppliers to extend their spheres of influence into the grower field.

Additionally, membership benefits include:

  • 12 Issues of Mushroom News
  • AMI Website and Social Media Campaigns
  • Government Relations Advocacy for the Industry
  • Mushroom Employee, Safety and Health, and Human Resources
  • Best Practices and Research
  • Direct Contact with Industry Influencers
  • Practical Support and Resources

Aloha Medicinals – AMI Member?

Aloha Medicinals is a proud member of AMI. Take a look at our website to browse our wide variety of medicinal mushroom products. Connect with us today to learn more about our company! If you are interested in becoming part of a unified and passionate organization that strives to make its voice heard, we encourage you to take a look at the AMI website!

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