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BRC Certification

Aloha Medicinals is thrilled to announce that on March 10, 2020, we received notification that we have completed and passed our BRC certification process with SGS Food Services. British Retail Consortium (or BRC) is a food safety scheme benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (or GFSI). After a rigorous inspection, we’ve achieved our BRC certification on both the production and processing of spawn and Full Spectrum MycoProduct™ Mushroom Powders. Our facility is located in Carson City, Nevada where we produce Over 50 species of 100% Organic Spawn and over 100 Full Spectrum MycoProduct™ powders, all of which are covered under this prestigious certification. Food safety is of utmost importance and achieving a globally recognized certification such as BRC proves how committed we are to providing our customers with high quality, safe products.

“Aloha is very happy that we can continue to provide our 100% American made and 100% Organic natural products and supplements, that now also carry a BRC Food Safety Certification, to customers in over 60 countries worldwide,” said Keith Bearden CEO American Botanicals and Aloha Medicinals. “Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our staff, we work every day to maintain a quality mindset for our people, and an excellence for our products.”

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About Aloha Medicinals

Aloha Medicinals is a mushroom biotechnology company, and the largest producer of 100% Organic, American-grown medicinal mushrooms in the world. Aloha is the industry’s leading company in the cultivation of medicinal mushroom species, with over 5,000 unique species in their culture bank. This makes Aloha’s culture library the world’s largest privately-owned culture collection of medicinal mushroom species. At any given time, 100 different species are in cultivation, with a monthly capacity of nearly 200 tons of finished raw material, which is currently supplied as raw material to over 700 companies in 60 countries, for use in their branded products. Aloha’s staff includes Mycologists, Microbiologists, and Biochemists, with experience in several fields of study. Aloha is the actual manufacturer of the raw materials, and all of its products are 100% USDA and EU Certified Organic.

Aloha provides raw materials for the supplement and pharmaceutical industries, as well as providing the public, with high-quality 100% American made dietary supplements. Aloha uses only third party certified, non-irradiated, non-GMO, natural ingredients in its manufacturing process. These products are produced in a state-of-the-art GMP certified, FDA registered and State of Nevada Health Department licensed manufacturing facility.

Aloha products are setting the gold standard in the health supplement field. Aloha prides itself in offering only 100% American made products. All of Aloha’s raw materials are also verified by DNA sequencing through the U.S. National Institute of Health – National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Genebank. This ensures not only that you are getting exactly what you pay for, In the field of mushroom-based health supplements.

About American Botanicals

American Botanicals buys, processes, sells, and exports hundreds of roots, herbs, barks, berries, and other botanical products, which are purchased directly from U.S. farmers and dealers and used in products ranging from food to nutritional supplements by the company’s more than 400 customers. Over 90 percent of these natural items are collected in the wild. American Botanicals products are used by health manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and cosmetic companies throughout the world. They adhere to quality manufacturing practices for the processing of dietary supplements, maintaining the integrity of the product. American Botanicals supplies the highest level of quality products to our customers through stewardship of sustainable operation practices and professional integrity.

About Advantage Capital

Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners, LP (ACAP) is a $154.5 million fund that is licensed as a Rural Business Investment Company (RBIC) by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which focuses on businesses involved in the production, processing, and supply of agricultural products. It is a partnership between Advantage Capital Partners and nine Farm Credit organizations: AgCountry Farm Credit Services (Fargo, N.D.); AgStar Financial Services (Mankato, Minn.); AgriBank (St. Paul, Minn.); Capital Farm Credit (Bryan, Texas); CoBank (Denver, Colo.); Farm Credit Bank of Texas (Austin, Texas); Farm Credit Services of America (Omaha, Neb.); Farm Credit Services of Mid-America (Louisville, Ky.); and United FCS (Willmar, Minn.).

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