Support the livelihood of the ones you love this holiday season with Aloha Medicinals holiday bundles. Throughout history, mushrooms have been valued for their healing and cleansing properties. Studies show mushrooms hold essential nutrients and vitamins necessary to promote good health. They also provide our bodies with antioxidants alongside offering anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. While some of us may love eating mushrooms, there are others who avoid fungi when walking through the vegetable aisle. No matter how your loved ones feel about mushrooms, Aloha Medicinals offers products to help everyone reap the benefits without giving up their food preferences.  

There are many ways to consume mushrooms, but our capsules are a quick and effective way to achieve good health, well-being, and longevity. This year we decided to offer a variety of holiday bundles at our most affordable prices to help you find the right gift for anyone. Each bottle has 60-90 capsules packed with at least 500 mg of cutting-edge herbal and mushroom formulas.  Give a gift that has immune and energy support which will go far into 2022!

performax mushroom supportOverstock Special 

The Overstock Special offers huge savings with this bundle priced at $25, originally a $75 value. This bundle comes with three containers of Performax Forte to help increase performance and maintain energy levels throughout the day. This highly potent formula contains the finest blend of rhodiola rosea, pure cordyceps, chelated magnesium, and chromium making it the best medicinal mushroom formula for energy. 

Aloha complete immune support bundleHoliday Immune Booster Bundle 

While the holidays are known for bringing joy, many of us are also more susceptible to illness. Starting at $55, the Holiday Immune Booster Bundle keeps energy levels high with Performax Forte™, and offers immune support with our Pure Red Reishi™ and Bio-Silymarin Plus™ products. Pure Red Reishi™ is formulated to calm an overactive mind and reduce stress levels. This product is filled with the “mushroom of immortality” promoting longevity with the use of organic mushroom immune support. Bio-Silymarin Plus™ uses naturally concentrated and purified extracts from milk thistle to combat the effects of our modern lifestyles that include junk food, stress, preservatives, toxins, and pesticides. Bio-Silymarin Plus™ is proven to support the health of your liver, a vital organ, with its antioxidant properties.  

Immune support supplement bundleAloha Essentials Bundle

The Aloha Essentials Bundle offers the best benefits for anyone using a combination of our amazing products starting at $80. Included in this bundle you will find the best mushroom supplements for energy and immune support with our Performax Forte™ and Pure Red Reishi™, but we don’t stop there. In addition, you’ll find Pure Shiitake™ and Turkey Tail™ supplements to further improve and support your immune system general well-being. 

These products promote proper cardiovascular function while supporting your body’s skin and muscle health. Pure Shiitake™ also has the highest percentage of Lentinan compared to any other dietary supplement in the world. Even more noteworthy is Turkey Tail™ which holds a unique profile of protein/peptide bound polysaccharides that support healthy digestion.  

mushroom coffee

Visit Aloha Medicinals Now for the Best Holiday Bundles 

Whether it is a gift to yourself or a loved one, now is a wonderful time to stock up on these deals. Of course, the joy of giving doesn’t have to stop there, since we currently offer free shipping on all orders over $25. Don’t miss out on these amazing offers! Each mushroom supplement bundle promotes overall health, reduces high stress levels, provides immune support, and maintains energy levels, making them the perfect gift for anyone. 

Give a gift that lasts a lifetime because the gift of health is also the gift of wealth. 

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