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In most homes, a pet is more than just a pet – they’re a member of the family. And as a member of the family, it’s important that they’re well taken care of. Just as people take supplements to boost their immune system and promote the healthy function of organs, dogs can benefit from supplements as well. Fortunately, our K9 immunity support supplements are created to support the overall health and wellness of dogs so your pet can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Transfer FactorK9 Transfer Factor™

To understand how our K9 Transfer Factor™ supplements work, you first need to know-how transfer factors affect immune systems. Transfer factors are a combination of molecules (proteins and peptides) produced by cells of the immune system that have developed immunity or protection from a certain disease. Essentially, transfer factors are key to a healthy immune system because, without them, your dog won’t be able to produce the antibodies needed for better immune function. Our K9 Transfer Factor™ supplement is intended for dogs who are facing serious health threats. And when used with our K9 Immunity™ supplements, your pet’s bioavailability of transfer factors will increase.


For the best results, give your dog 1-3 capsules daily to allow your pet to see the full benefits of the supplement. Some benefits of the K9 Transfer Factor™ supplement are:

  • Support for overall health and wellness
  • Rebuilding transfer factors and antibodies
  • Maintaining a strong and healthy immune system

K9 Omega™

Our K9 Omega™ supplements are specifically formulated for dogs from a highly concentrated blend of Omega 3 fatty acids. The Omega 3 fatty acids that come from fish oil are used to support cell repair which can be critical for dogs with unstable immune systems. And as an added bonus, our high-quality supplements are free of heavy metals and other contaminants that are often found in fish oil supplements.



In order to see the best results, give your dog 1 capsule per 20 pounds each day. This will help support healthy cells in your pet and promotes cell repair and growth.

K9 ImmunityK9 Immunity™

Finally, we have our K9 Immunity™ supplements that provide advanced immune system and critical care support for dogs. To illustrate, the supplement was designed to strengthen and balance your dog’s immune system’s ability to recognize and destroy damaged cells within their system. This will help improve their body’s ability to combat illness and prevent future illness.


In order to see the best results, give your dog 1 capsule per every 10 pounds each day. Similarly to our other K9 supplements, there are several benefits of the K9 Immunity™ supplement, which include:

  • Enhanced immune support
  • Maintaining overall health and immune function
  • Advanced care supplement specifically made for dogs

K9 Immunity Support Supplements from Aloha Medicinals

These immune support supplements from Aloha Medicinals are created with high-quality ingredients designed specifically for dogs. We understand how important your furry pal is to you, which is why we created these supplements. So you can take care of your pet similarly to how you would take care of yourself. Take a look at our products page for more K9 supplements and supplements for yourself!

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