Although 2021 has just begun, it’s never too early to get yourself in top athletic form, and by using our mushroom energy supplements, you’ll feel great doing so, too. Mushroom supplements are a fantastic way to stimulate energy in your body. Not only are mushroom energy supplements 100% natural and organic, but they’re also a completely safe and effective way to enhance your stamina and strength day-by-day.

A new year is a sign of new beginnings and new opportunities. Do you constantly make new year’s resolutions to get in shape for the summer? Make this the year you finally reach your fitness goals with the help of Aloha Medicinals. We offer a variety of energy supplement products designed to provide energy support to your entire body.

Cordyceps: Fuel for the Body

Cordyceps has been called the “Olympic mushroom” as it contains several immune-supporting properties as well as cordycepin, a highly potent compound that provides energy to the body. Cordycepin is molecularly similar to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which supplies energy to your active, living cells. Our bodies are able to use cordycepin as ATP without having to expend energy to make it, which also increases your natural production of ATP.

Cordyceps is a natural energy stimulant that improves exercise and athletic performance and speeds up the muscle recovery process. Not only do cordyceps provide extra energy to your body, but it helps save your stored energy for greater stamina, helping you maintain your energy levels even after exercise. Another fitness benefit of cordyceps is increased lung capacity. This enhances your oxygen absorption giving you longer endurance and strength.

Fortunately, cordyceps is easier than ever to include into your diet with our Pure Cordyceps™ mushroom supplements.

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NutriCafe™ Performance Coffee

Many of us like to start our day with a hot cup of coffee to help us feel awake and energized. However, sometimes coffee isn’t enough to get you through the entire day, let alone keep you energized through an intense workout. Now, there’s a coffee that doesn’t just wake you up in the morning but keeps you energized all day long.

The NutriCafe™ Performance Coffee from Aloha Medicinals is infused with two organic medicinal mushrooms known to support stamina, strength, and overall greater health. Made with 100% certified Arabic coffee beans, this coffee is freshly roasted and tastes amazing. The coffee is infused with key performance-enhancing mushrooms cordyceps and Ganoderma. It is perfect for athletes or anyone who lives an active lifestyle and needs immune system support as well as stamina and strength.

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Performax Forte™ Mushroom Supplement

The final mushroom energy supplement we recommend trying is the Performax Forte™ supplements which are designed specifically to support healthy energy levels throughout the entire day. These supplements increase energy, stamina, and strength in the body that lasts from morning to night. This herbal supplement is created with a mushroom formulation consisting of pure cordyceps and the finest blend of Rhodiola rosea. And for greater potency, we’ve added chelated magnesium and chromium. This helps maintain consistent performance and energy levels that allow you to endure longer and feel better later in the day.

Mushroom Energy Supplements from Aloha Medicinals

Aloha’s full-spectrum powder and capsules are made using the most potent and effective parts of the mushrooms through every part of its lifecycle. All of our bulk mushroom supplements are produced in a sterile facility in Carson City, Nevada, and are tested extensively for quality and purity.

Our Cordyceps is offered in several different forms: a 90 count bottle of pre-filled capsules, a 4 oz bag of powder, and a kilogram bag of powder. You can also order our NutriCafe™ Performance coffee which is infused with performance-enhancing mushrooms Cordyceps and Ganoderma. Or take a look at our Performax Forte™ supplements to help you maintain your stamina and strength all day long.


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